Goodbye Canada. Au revoir parts of Canada.

April 5, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Today I am in Vancouver for the final dance of this long Canadian tour. There is not a cloud in the sky, and the sun is shining almost apologetically for the past 4 weeks. Today is the kind of day that when I was a kid, my mum would march into the living room, switch off the television, and shout “Right! You lot! Get out! It’s too nice a day to sit around the house watching TV. Go on! Get out there and do something!” And I would. I would get on my bike and I would go for a long cycle, sometimes as far as Beattock (look it up), and then, when it got too cold to feel my hands, I would cycle back home, and my mum would say “Where the bloody hell have you been? I’ve been worried sick!” You could never win.

It’s hard to believe that just 3 weeks ago, I was staring out of the window of my hotel room in Ottawa, Canada, on a blustery, snowy afternoon. The room overlooked a quaint tree-lined park, and some archetypal French, turquoise roofs. For those of you who don’t know? There are parts of Canada that are more French than a beret full of baguettes. Indeed, but for the familiar North American smell of vanilla coffee everywhere, and the Mountie hat sitting on my bed, I could very well have been in some corner of Paris. (By the way, the Mountie hat was mine, I didn’t… well, y’know.. anyway.) A few days later, I found myself in a wet and windy Windsor, which despite still being in the province of Ontario is a very different kettle of fish altogether (never order the fish in Windsor… or, for that matter, buy a kettle!) Windsor also has the venerable distinction of being directly across a short river crossing from the USA. It was the most ‘bizarre’ check in I have ever had. ‘Would you like a room with a view of America, Sir?’ ‘Mmmm. Don’t mind if I do. Hey, why are there 14 people on the back of that jet ski?’

Anyway, I am finally at the end of my tour across this wildly contrasting land and I am as tired as I have ever been. It was a long, hard tour. Tough on the body, and disorientating on the mind. My life for the past 5 weeks has basically been: get up-fly-unpack-be funny-sleep. Get up-fly-unpack-be funny-sleep. But I have had a lot of fun along the way. Thank you to everyone who came along to the shows. Thank you Canada.

Now, many of you will know that after Canada I will be making a brief trip to Australia. I was originally only going over to host the Sydney Comedy Gala, but I have now added just 2 shows in Sydney, for people who didn’t see my show ‘Messenger’ last year. Those who saw it are, of course, also welcome. It will be a longer show with some new material, but it won’t be a whole new show. Who the hell do you think I am? For the rest of Australia, I say this! I will be back in 2013 with a big tour of my new show! So be still thy precious hearts until then.

I should also mention my return to the Edinburgh Festival this year. Just 6 nights at the EICC August 3-8th. Tickets are available on a website somewhere? And on a related subject thank you so much to everyone who came out to the DVD recordings in February at the Festival Theatre. I have edited the show and it’s looks fantastic. I will let you know when we have a release date for it? After the Edinburgh festival I will be taking the new show around the UK for 2 months, so please check the dates on my website if you fancy coming along? By November, I will be probably be a shell of the man I am, so I will hopefully get a bit of a break before the planned Australia tour. And don’t worry New Zealand, I haven’t forgotten about you! I plan to add on some dates there after Australia, or maybe even before, so stay tuned! There may also be some dates in Scandinavia and the US this year, but nothing confirmed yet?

That is really all for now, I must get ready for my final show. Tomorrow I will heading off some place else with a renewed skip in my step and a mountie hat tucked under my arm. (again, both these things are totally unrelated.)