Edinburgh show in February to be filmed for DVD

October 31, 2011

Hello Everyone,

I can now confirm that I will definitely be doing a show at The Festival Theatre in Edinburgh on Wednesday 8th February 2012. I know a dark, midweek night in the cold Scottish winter doesn’t immediately scream ‘fun’ to all of you? But, for those of you who brave the elements there will be a place in history, as the show will be my first DVD filmed in my home country. I’m not sure exactly what the show will be, but that’s usually when it works best. Before the inevitable, and bloody, scramble for tickets on the open market, I am giving my fans an opportunity to buy tickets 24 hours before there is a public announcement. So, here is the link for tickets which will be on sale for you guys at 11am on Tuesday 1st November.

All tickets are £16.50 which includes a £1.50 ‘restoration’ charge, which I think means after the show we crown a new Scottish king? But I could have got that wrong?

I hope you can make it?